Week 1: Opinion about Educational Technology Class

Hi to everyone who read my blog. Actually this work should be done before like 12 weeks ago, unfortunately, I have been busy with too much activity to update or get a glance on this blog. Hope you accept my apologies.

So back to our topic that is my opinion on Educational Technology class. At first, I thought that this class would be very tough, considering my lack of competitiveness in using technology. Haha. But after we have been introduced with the proforma, I hope that I can do well in this course. The only thing that concern me is the regularity of me updating this very blog. Well, what can I do. This blog get me marks.

Our lecturer do brief us on the final project, that is, the Video Production. She shows us some of the videos that have been done by the seniors. All of them are very creative and attractive. That challenged me to be a little bit more competitive in doing my final project. Before the class ended, she asked us to do some assignment. What else, Make A Videoooo.

Hahaha. Just kidding. So CLICK here to watch my video. See ya later. Bye.

By irhamsyahmi